Sunday, March 7, 2010

Too Much Too Soon!

I find it hard as a teacher today that I try so very hard to teach what needs to be taught and my students still do not do well when it is time to take the test. Is this because, 1 they are really not listening in class and I don't realize it....2 they are listening it but I am relaying it to them in such a way that it is not sinking in, or 3 are we expecting students to retain more and more at such a younger age that they are on overload like the rest of us.

I worry that my students are not getting enough "kid" time! You know, the time where we used to be able to go out when we got home from school and run around for half the afternoon and burn off some steam. Build forts, climb trees or get lost in the woods until our parents called us in for dinner. Now my students tell me they go home and immediately start homework to which they do not finish until dark or bedtime most days. Does it really take that much homework to get a lesson across to a child, and if so is it really that necessary?

I realize that as a teacher I should not be asking these questions, but as a mother, I can't help but wonder if our children are not going to wake up one day and wonder what happened to their childhood and resent us a little for not making them take a break and "smell the roses"!

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